Mir Wire Saw dry type

Development and Manufacture of Diamond Tools

Mir Wire Saw dry type

Applicable for Concrete cutting dry and wet type



• Precision cutting or elimination for concrete structures
• Dismantlement at a hospital, school, public institution, and a housing complex where severe damages are expected from pollution
• Extension or repair/maintenance of buildings at an airport where facility shutdown is not allowed
• Dismantlement and repair/maintenance at deteriorated business buildings in operation, trafc facilities in concentrated shopping district


Diameter BPM Pitch
Ø 8 59 ~ 100 10 ~ 17
Ø 9 53 ~ 83 12 ~ 19
Ø 10 45 ~ 63 16 ~ 22
Ø 11 48 ~ 80 12.5 ~ 21


Characteristics & Advantages

• Possible to cut 20㎡ at a time without water
• Not stuck in the rebar due to the narrow beads distance and its distinctive shape
• Applicable for both dry and wet type
• Durability life is 2 to 5 times longer than that of a conventional wire saw
• Despite the wire’s wide-angle, initial drive is smooth
• The unique shape of beads makes Mir wire long-lasting and durable
• No one-sided wear or slip phenomenon
• The pitch of Mir ranges from 14mm to 20mm


• We mostly use dry cutting type wire or use little water
• You can select depending on the size, strength, and rebar spacing of the work